The Blueprint of Modern Security Operations

The Blueprint of Modern Security Operations

Aug 27, 2021

Security operations is at a critical juncture. Years of digital modernization, adversarial advancement and enduring talent deficits have given rise to an untenable situation, only further compounded by the mayhem waged by a worldwide pandemic.

The good news is the circumstance is not unsolvable. It only requires a rejiggering of familiar ingredients: your people, your processes and your technology — and layering on a fresh, open-minded approach, untethered to the old way of doing SecOps.

Introducing the blueprint to modern security operations. This e-book comprehensively and clearly sketches out a vision for your SOC’s renewal in today’s location-independent era of “anywhere security operations.” Valuable for enterprises and MSSPs alike, the guide describes a new model of doing things — and dispenses the practical advice you need to succeed.

Download The Blueprint of Modern Security Operations to uncover:

  • Which drivers have contributed to the necessity for a new SecOps approach.
  • How people remain your greatest asset, but why a revamped SOC culture is mandatory.
  • A checklist for building sustainable resilience and flexibility within a cloud-first, device-centric and decentralized working environment.
  • How the art of collaboration is as important as ever, both within your organization and across outsourced arrangements.
  • Why embracing cloud-native security operations can unify your SecOps with your DevOps, and better accelerate the automation of threat detection and response.