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Improve Data Governance for GxP-Compliant Repositories

The need to employ data governance over sprawling repositories is essential in any industry, but it is especially important for the life sciences. The amount and types of data produced are not easily reviewed and organized. The value and sensitivity of the data makes it a lucrative target for cyber attacks. Egnyte’s data governance features give you more control over your data integrity, data privacy, and data security policies across a multitude of public cloud repositories.


Report: Data Management Trends in Life Sciences

Organizations in the life sciences industry need to maintain regulated data in compliance with a number of global data privacy laws. Ideally, compliance is automatically ensured, and data is easily categorized. But we all know that this is not always the case in a decentralized, dynamic environment. So, how are the leading biotechs efficiently and securely managing collaboration and data?


Make Collecting, Storing, and Collaborating on Large Data Sets More Efficient with Egnyte for Life Sciences

Modern drug discovery and clinical trials produce a volume of data that can quickly overwhelm local storage and bandwidth capacity. Sequencing data, scanned source files, biostatistical (SAS, R, SPSS) databases, and DICOM imaging are all hard to store and collaborate on, especially with a distributed workforce. Egnyte’s platform has been facilitating secure sharing of files for over a decade, accelerating the ability to collaborate without sacrificing security.

Empower Your Data Governance

Learn how Egnyte protects your organization’s sensitive content from vulnerabilities that can stifle your productivity, including Insider Threats, Ransomware and Data Breaches. You’ll also find out how Egnyte can help you to maximize your GDPR, CCPA, GxP and HIPAA compliance initiatives. To gain visibility into your sensitive content, sign up for Egnyte’s complimentary Data X-Ray today:

Customize Egnyte with Your Own Apps

Egnyte is excited to announce the ability for our customers to build custom apps for their domains. Now our customers can create apps with tailored actions and workflows that can help increase efficiencies and boost productivity. Create your own Application that uses Egnyte’s public API, giving you a full set of enterprise features while helping with compliance of industry standards like HIPAA and FINRA to ensure you are enterprise-ready on day one.


Streamline Review and Approval Workflows in Egnyte for Life Sciences

Life science companies must implement quality processes into procedures in order to meet regulatory requirements and endpoint validation. But the implementation of quality processes is not an easy task. Managing the process of gathering feedback and gaining approval can be slow and comlex. In today's video, we will show how to handle Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs on the Egnyte platform and how to enable Part 11-compliant workflows for the review and approval process.


Life Science Top 10 Market Trends for 2021

For over a year the future has lacked clarity. As parts of the world start to open up and the life sciences industry ramps back up to pre-pandemic activity, the fog of uncertainty is starting to lift. We are seeing an acceleration of digital transformation across the Life Sciences industry with the adoption of decentralized trials, real world evidence, and remote monitoring.

QuickTip // Smart Cache

Egnyte’s Smart Cache hybrid solution ensures users have fast access to content even when they work with large files at locations with low bandwidth. Smart Cache automatically caches frequently accessed files to the on premises storage for access at LAN speed. Once the cached content is no longer in consistent use, it is released, freeing up storage space. And you can sync specific folders to Smart Cache, ensuring users always have access to those folders even in the event of an internet outage.

Life Sciences Data Management and Compliance

Learn how Egnyte for Life Sciences helps leading biotechnology, medical device, and drug development companies innovate faster through seamless compliance and unified document management. This overview video showcases how Egnyte's data privacy, GxP compliance, audit, eTMF, workflow, and Quality documentation products help Life Sciences companies connect globally distributed teams and protect their content.