Service Mesh


Networking with a Service Mesh: Use Cases, Best Practices, and Comparison of Top Mesh Options

Service mesh technology emerged with the popularization of microservice architectures. Because service mesh facilitates the separation of networking from the business logic, it enables you to focus on your application’s core competency. Microservice applications are distributed over multiple servers, data centers, or continents, making them highly network dependent.


What's New in Istio 1.6? New Features and Capabilities

The Istio service mesh continues its quarterly release cadence with version 1.6. After major changes in release 1.5 to the control plane architecture, notably moving from a set of microservices to a monolithic Istiod service, and the introduction of a new, unified model for extending Istio and its Envoy proxies using WebAssembly, Istio 1.6 may seem tame in comparison, but it still offers a large number of smaller enhancements with a focus on operability. We will look at several of the highlights.