From a Single Pane of Glass, to Functional Dashboards to Manage Cyber Risk

For the longest time, or as far as I can remember, the holy grail of all networking platforms has been the need for a single pane of glass, that single source of all information that you would need to be most effective. So, what is a single pane of glass?


Getting Security and Development on the Same Page Through ZeroNorth's New Defect Density Dashboard

Today, ZeroNorth introduces its new defect density dashboard to help security leaders engage with development leaders more effectively through a common framework that aligns software vulnerabilities with software quality. I will get to what this means in a second, but first, let’s start with a brief explanation of what defect density is. Defect density is a standard industry metric that measures the number of defects confirmed per 1000 lines of software code.


How to Customize a Dashboard on Logsign SIEM?

Dashboards are an integral part of a SIEM solution as they help you in visualizing the security of your organization’s technical infrastructure in real-time. In our last article, we discussed in detail about the pre-configured dashboards on Logsign SIEM and the information they present for your security team. From threat intelligence to identity management, what types of dashboards are available under each category.


What are The Types of Dashboards in a SIEM Solution?

Dashboards are an integral component of any effective SIEM solution. After log data is aggregated from different sources, a SIEM solution prepares the data for analysis after normalization. The outcomes of this analysis are presented in the form of actionable insights through dashboards. Many SIEM solutions come with pre-configured dashboards to simplify the onboarding process for your team. Besides, an ideal solution should also allow an organization to customize dashboards as per its requirements.


Dashboards: An Effective Cybersecurity Tool

Data is only as good as what you are able to do with it. Not only does the cybersecurity universe collect data, but individual enterprises also collect cybersecurity data from within their organization as well as from external sources in order to add to more context and relevance. All data needs to be analyzed in order to create actionable insights.


How to Do Cybersecurity Data Visualization

Data visualization techniques provide organizations with strong allies in their fight against cyber threats. In this article, we took a closer look at the importance and techniques of cyber data visualization. Cybersecurity has been gaining more and more importance due to the increasing number of cyber attacks and hackers threatening organizations of every size. As a result, new methods and approaches regarding cybersecurity are being discussed.


Introducing Devo Activeboards: A New Way to Visualize Machine Data

The data visualization space is crowded. There are lots of tools, each purporting to be the tool that solves your data woes and leads you to insight via illustrations. But while you may get good-looking graphs, you are probably not seeing the behind-the-scenes pain from IT: analytics dashboards and vertical applications take multiple meetings for gathering requirements, and they discover the direction wasn’t quite right the first time around.