Are fraudsters using automation to execute mass cyber-attacks?

As our digital world turns toward advances in automated technology to increase efficiency and productivity, cybercriminals are also learning how to execute mass automated cyber-attacks. According to the 2021 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report, most people are concerned about the security of various applications and 52% believe that these threats challenge the integrity of networks.


Why automation is critical for your software development

Automation, when done properly, can improve the productivity, quality, safety and security in your software development. Automation isn’t just a “nice-to-have” element of modern business. It’s a “must-have.” Companies simply can’t compete on multiple levels—quality, speed to market, safety, and security—if they rely on manual tools and processes.

Integrating security automation in modern application development environments

Automating security has become fundamental to supporting the speed-to-market requirements of modern application development environments. In this video, you will hear from the security teams at Skyscanner and Red Venture on how they are automating application security as part of their application development environments, thus helping their development teams to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities more effectively.
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Six trends in operations management for 2021

2020 was an extremely challenging year for businesses in every industry and in every country across the world. Even those organisations that were able to find a way to continue to operate successfully through the pandemic found that their ways of working were impacted - often negatively - by Covid-19.

Effective Cybersecurity Automation Tools for SMEs who Use Microsoft Office 365

With one in three SMEs adopting cloud-first strategy more than ever, cybersecurity concerns have only grown exponentially. In the wake of the pandemic, nearly 95% of cybersecurity professionals have shown concerns regarding public cloud security. Microsoft Office 365 is at the heart of most small to mid-sized businesses. Combined with a rapid cloud adoption rate, security concerns are not far behind.


Ditch the Checklist: Why Automation is the Key to Content Compliance

Compliance frameworks provide guidelines for effective and secure operations for content management across a company’s various repositories. They’re written as a set of controls, each one which corresponds to different settings and policies that an organization must follow in order to ensure the safety of their data.