Case Study


Styra blends flexible integration and policy-as-code framework for Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation is the nation’s largest direct bank. They have a well-earned reputation as a data and tech pioneer in the financial services industry and have long been progressive in setting a bold agenda around digital and tech transformation. This has meant operating years ahead of most enterprises in moving to the cloud, scaling in-house engineering workforce and adopting agile, microservices, open source and a modern data ecosystem.


Veracode and Finite State Partner to Address Connected Device Security

Over the past decade, we have seen the rapid adoption and expansion of connected devices and embedded systems among businesses. This includes anything from the Internet of Things (IoT) to connected medical devices, building systems, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and other devices that power our lives and our infrastructure.


Scaling for DevSecOps with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration

Application development has changed, and development teams have begun supporting a model of rapid and frequent deployments to support the pace of innovation demanded by digital transformation. From an application security perspective, this means scaling through DevSecOps and supporting developer-first security. The unique challenges and solutions for shifting to DevSecOps were the subject of a recent roundtable discussion featuring Aner Mazur, Chief Product Officer at Snyk and Christer Edvartsen, Sr.


Standard Chartered Bank Embraces Digital Identity to Grow

Standard Chartered Bank is changing the future of banking by simplifying authentication for its customers --letting customers decide the best way to access their accounts and get things done, without jumping through extra hoops. In the ultra-competitive world of retail banking, customer service is the competitive advantage and identity is key. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Alan Chiew, Executive Director and Head of Technology at Standard Chartered Bank.


How a Microsoft Engineer Implemented Veracode for a Large Azure Project

With the need to produce innovative software faster than ever, and cyberattacks not slowing down, it’s no surprise that, for projects large and small, ensuring the security of your code at every step is key. But if software engineers want to meet these everyday demands with success, it’s important to understand how different security scanning types fit in throughout the development process, and how the needs of your team might impact scans.

Devo Customer Story: Panda Security

Watch this customer story to see how Panda Security, an endpoint protection company, leverages Devo to rapidly collect and analyze a wide range and large volume of security data. Devo offers Panda a SaaS-based security analytics solution that easily scales to meet its growing customer base. Panda seamlessly integrates Devo into its own products, providing customers out-of-the-box analytics and insights, freeing Panda to focus on what it does best, malware detection.

Shifting security left while building a Cloud Native bank

Building a digital bank requires a unique combination of agility and speed while maintaining the highest level of security. Lunar, a digital challenger bank in the Nordics, has always had technology and agility as a differentiator. Lunar was built for the cloud, with Cloud Native principles, such as microservices, containers, and container orchestration amongst others. In this presentation Kasper will present some insights into the principles on which the Lunar infrastructure was built on, the continuous focus on security, and how application security is shifting left and becoming a developer concern.

Hybrid IAM and Cloud Steer Maersk Toward Improved Experiences and Cost Savings

You’ve seen those iconic blue containers filled with everything from cars to TVs and stamped with the Maersk logo countless times on ships docked at ports around the world. But have you ever thought about what it takes to orchestrate the movement of that cargo?


Snyk chats with Shutterstock about building a DevSecOps culture

While it’s relatively easy to buy modern security tools, the culture of a company can have an enormous impact on the successful rollout of new security processes. In fact, one of the greatest hurdles for implementing a DevSecOps approach to application security is company-wide adoption. During a recent webinar, Simon Maple, VP of Developer Relations & Community at Snyk spoke with Christian Bobadilla, Director of Product and Application Security at Shutterstock about building a DevSecOps culture.