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Karlskrona, Sweden
Jul 13, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Outpost24, an innovator in full-stack cybersecurity assessment, today announced the acquisition of Blueliv, a leading cyber threat intelligence company in Barcelona, Spain.
Jun 23, 2021   |  By Frédéric Donnat
To ensure Outpost24 stays at the forefront of cybersecurity technology we conduct regular research into new innovations, and LEXIS High Performance Computing (HPC) is one of them. Outpost24 was instrumental in contributing and providing the “Security-By-Design” and “Zero-Trust” principles to creating the secure LEXIS Cloud-HPC-Big Data platform, and in this blog we explore the zero-trust fundamentals for which the LEXIS portal has been designed.
Jun 2, 2021   |  By Bob Egner
We sat down with our customer - Deputy Group CISO at ITV, Jaspal Jandu who offers a practical view of today’s cybersecurity challenges including digital transformation, vulnerability management, risk prioritization and building a security culture from within.
May 21, 2021   |  By Martin Jartelius
On May 18th 2021, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) released version 8 of the Critical Security Controls (CSC) - a business and technology agnostic set of recommendations that all organizations should consider and follow to prevent the most prevalent and dangerous attacks. In this blog series we discuss the ins and outs of the new guidance to get you up to speed with v8.
May 20, 2021   |  By APIsec
APIs are a key part of modern web application development transforming how organizations build, manage, and scale their web and mobile services. In this blog we discuss why APIs are the new web application security, highlighting the growing challenges of API security risks and sharing best practices for preventing API attacks.
Apr 19, 2021   |  By Simon Roe
Today's organisations are operating in a digital landscape filled with complexities and vulnerabilities. Increasingly, the applications and technologies businesses use to facilitate crucial business operations and connect people are at the mercy of cybercriminals - who are eager to attack from the shadows exploiting and stealing sensitive information held within these everyday applications. As such, security and DevOps teams need a collaborative approach to address and triage application vulnerabilities that continually present themselves - despite each team having different overall objectives.
Apr 14, 2021   |  By Nicolas Renard and Stephane Konarkowski
Financial services are big targets for cybercrime. As the world shifts from physical to online, credit unions are doubling down on web applications to improve access and ensure vital financial services for their members. But with that comes greater security risks. In this benchmark study, we analyze the Top US Credit Unions with our attack surface analysis tool to highlight security weaknesses they should watch out for.
Mar 30, 2021   |  By Simon Roe
With a 43% rise in data breaches tied to web application vulnerabilities according to Verizon, enterprise security teams are looking more closely at how security controls can be integrated to DevOps without impacting productivity. But with so many automated security testing tools (SAST, DAST, SCA) on the market, it’s important to understand the difference and when to use them to ensure robust Application Security.
Mar 22, 2021   |  By Sandrine Sienche
A collaborative approach between SecOps and DevOps is key to any successful security integration - particularly as developers and security teams have different priorities from the get-go. In this blog we will share 4 tips for getting developers on board to enable true DevSecOps for your business.
Mar 9, 2021   |  By Sergio Loureiro
As enterprises fast track cloud adoption plans without security considerations, we’ve seen the dangers of cloud misconfigurations and how it continues to cost millions in lost data and revenue for failure to comply. In this blog we’ll explain how to spot the telltale signs and secure your clouds with adequate Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).
Jul 15, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Added links in Outpost24 Scale DAST tool to Secure Code Warrior for findings with a CWE. Where an Appsec finding is linked to a CWE we have introduced direct links to Secure Code Warrior eLearning training platform. This gives users the ability to understand what the vulnerability is and more importantly how to address these findings within their development process. Customers do not have to be customers of Secure Code Warrior (SCW) to enjoy the learning modules presented, though customers who are SCW customers may get further insights as well as tracking scores and other metrics.
Jun 1, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
We don’t think it’s fair that businesses are targets of cybercriminals. That's why we’ve created the most complete security assessment platform to help our customers tighten their 'full stack' security exposure before their business can be disrupted.
May 14, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
As zero trust moves higher up on the CISOs security agenda we’re hosting a webinar to discuss the pros and cons of adopting this new approach and how it can impact your team’s ability to remain agile, whilst protecting your business. As a recent study demonstrates, 34% of security breaches involved insiders in 2019 meaning CISOs are becoming more likely to consider zero trust and it should come as no surprise that many organizations are now eager to adopt a zero-trust security policy.
May 13, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Join Outpost24 and 360 Trust Services experts to learn how you can tackle the growing cybersecurity threats, and secure your high availability operations and satisfied customers. Save your spot for a comprehensive webinar, as we will be presenting the latest security products and services offerings, based on 20 years’ experience and accumulated expertise in cybersecurity, from vulnerability management, risk prioritization to driving a remediation culture.
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Wireless threat detection and alerts by Pwn Pulse
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Wireless asset assessment by Pwn Pulse Outpost24
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Introduction to Pwn Pulse wireless network assessment
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Connecting to Pwn Pulse Wireless threat detection solution
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Starting wireless threat detection with Pwn Pulse
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Outpost 24
Establish your wireless network security baseline with Pwn Pulse
Oct 9, 2020   |  By Outpost 24
Web app attacks remain the #1 vector exploited in successful breaches. With agile development, apps run the risk of creating new vulnerabilities or perpetuating old ones on a weekly, daily, even hourly basis, security and risk managers need to step up a programmatic response. Fortunately there's a new, collaborative model for Appsec that organizations can operate in a mostly automated manner. Download our useful DevOps guide and learn how best to operationalize security testing in an agile process.
Oct 9, 2020   |  By Outpost 24
More and more companies choose to migrate to a Cloud infrastructure to take advantage of new resources, an elastic storage power and agile deployment, nevertheless IT professionals are not always trained to secure these new technologies. Like traditional infrastructures, a public Cloud infrastructure services requires the implementation of security measures and controls by their users. Enterprises must adapt their security policy to these new technologies to reap the Cloud benefits without increasing their cyberattacks exposure area.
Oct 1, 2020   |  By Outpost 24
We surveyed over 200 security professionals at the 2020 RSA conference to delve deeper into the dangers of rogue access points and understand how security professionals are tackling wireless security. Our data highlights their main concerns and the key trends from IT and network security professionals on the wireless security frontline. Key findings in the 2020 Internet of Evil Things report: Download the 2020 IoET Report to uncover valuable wireless security insights to help protect your organization's network airspace in the future.
Oct 1, 2020   |  By Outpost 24
Cloud is the new fact of life for providing enterprise IT services. However, security professionals are left feeling unclear about the complexities surrounding cloud, shared responsibility and understanding where the cloud provider security tools from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform are falling short.
Sep 1, 2020   |  By Outpost 24
Are you struggling to triage through tons of findings to identify the greatest threats and patch more effectively? You are not alone! With speed being the biggest challenge to effectively patch, this whitepaper looks at how existing prioritization works with CVSS scoring and how a risk based approach with machine learning can be applied to align corporate risk appetite and drive better decision making for optimal efficiency.

Effortlessly automate identification of web application, network infrastructure, wireless and cloud vulnerabilities with a risk based approach for fast remediation.

Over 2,000 customers worldwide trust Outpost24 to assess their devices, networks, applications, cloud and container environments and report compliance status. We serve leading organizations across a wide range of segments including financial services, government, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, technology, and manufacturing.

Full stack security scanning and penetration testing:

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  • Developed by Ethical Hackers: It takes a hacker to stop a hacker. We built years of ethical hacking experience into our products and services for best vulnerabitity results.
  • Continuous Security Testing: Our tools work around the clock to automate scans and orchestrate security controls to protect you on a continual basis.

Complete vulnerability and security assessment.